Welcome to Torrington Christian Academy!

About us

Established in 1978, Torrington Christian Academy has been bringing affordable, exceptional faith-based education to Litchfield County for over 30 years. We are deeply committed to our community, investing in one family at a time as we partner with parents to help children achieve their greatest potential. Our highly qualified educators come from a variety of denominational backgrounds but are unified by one common goal: creating a safe place where your child is well-loved and well-instructed. Emphasizing a tradition of academic excellence, character growth, and extra curricular opportunities in a Christ-centered setting, we meet the educational needs of today with the traditional values of yesterday and the technology of tomorrow.

Objective: “Higher education: mind, body, spirit”

“Higher education” isn't just something that happens when our students head off to college; it's something that happens every day at TCA. Our students rise to a higher level academically and their daily instruction is influenced by God's “higher” ways. This “higher education” provides us with an integrated approach to learning that strengthens our students on every level - not just teaching them facts and figures, but cultivating their mind, body, and spirit.

Mind:  Children have impressionable minds. Establishing a foundation of Christ-centered ideas is key in enabling students to develop a firm Christian worldview, and the way they view every aspect of life - both in the classroom and out - begins with these very ideas.

Body:  We have great athletic programs at TCA, but we believe that a child's physical development is not just about strength or speed. Our students play hard and have fun, but first they are taught to honor God in the way they treat their bodies and use their physical abilities for God's glory.

Spirit:  At TCA, our students attend a weekly chapel service, but that isn't the only time they learn about God. The Christian faith is woven throughout our educational program, and learning spiritual principles alongside their daily subject studies introduces children to a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why TCA?: “Truth conquers all”

Our motto Truth Conquers All refers to 3 John 1:4 (“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth”), and we are committed to educating students accurately in the truths found in both Scripture and the natural world. However, as you are deciding if TCA is right for your family, there are some other truths you may want to consider.

It's true that a Christian school education is a monetary sacrifice, but it's also a financial investment that pays lifelong dividends. Our students score significantly higher than their peers on standardized tests and over 85% of our graduates attend college. But more importantly, TCA graduates solid citizens who change the world.

It's true that TCA is large enough to provide a variety of learning and social opportunities but still small enough to supply a level of individualized attention that is unique in our community. Your children’s abilities will be known intimately, and our experienced educators have the freedom to work with their talents and limitations in a way that best equips them to excel in their studies.

It's true that in today's youth culture, disrespect and irresponsibility are seldom corrected, but at TCA there is a different tone entirely. Through clear guidelines and consistent expectations, our students learn important life and social skills such as: goal-setting, organization, time management, accountability, self-discipline, and mutual respect.