Mission: “Higher Education: Mind. Body. Spirit.”


“Higher education” isnʼt just something that happens when our students head off to college, itʼs something that happens every day at TCA. Our students to rise to a higher level academically, and their daily instruction is influenced by Godʼs “higher” ways. This “higher education” provides us with an integrated approach to learning that strengthens the child on every level - not just teaching them facts and figures, but cultivating their mind, body, and spirit.



Children have impressionable minds. Establishing a foundation of Christ-centered ideas is key in enabling students to develop a firm Christian worldview, andhow they view every aspect of life - both in the classroom and out - begins with these very ideas.



We have a great athletic programs at TCA, but we believe that a childʼs physical development is about more than just strength or speed. Our students play hard and have fun, but first they are taught to honor God through how they treat their bodies and how to to use their physical abilities for Godʼs glory.


At TCA our students attend a weekly chapel service, but that isnʼt the only time they learn about God. The Christian faith is woven throughout our educational program, and learning spiritual principles alongside their daily subject studies introduces children to a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.