Here are the Top 10 reasons that parents (and students!) love T.C.A...

  1. T.C.A. students consistently score above the national average on standardized tests.
  2. Over 85% of T.C.A. graduates have attended college and are now working in successful careers around the world.
  3. At T.C.A., your child will not get lost in the shuffle.  Our small class size and high teacher to student ratio is designed to maximize attention, comprehension and learning for our students.
  4. We offer a truly Bible-based K-12 academic program, incorporating God's Word into our studies every day!
  5. We have a strong focus on building solid Christian Character in our students.  Today, and for the future.
  6. Each week our students attend age-appropriate Chapel Services where we praise and worship our Lord as a school community.
  7. Our students are consistently challenged on an accelerated level with the Accelerated Christian Education style of learning.
  8. We offer a host of sports programs, music programs, and clubs for extra-curricular activities with other Christian children.
  9. We welcome and encourage active parent participation with our staff and school.
  10. Our tuition is kept at a consistently modest rate. Our mission is to provide an affordable education opportunity for Christian families in our community.
The best way to appreciate the unique and loving environment of T.C.A. is to experience it firsthand.  Contact our office at (860)482-7464 to schedule a tour.