Our Alumni

TCA prepares students for academic excellence.  In fact, more than 85% of our graduates have attended university, as compared with the National Average of 63%.

Here are a few of the schools that have welcomed TCA graduates:

TCA Alumni can be found in all corners of the world!  Our graduates are currently serving as doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers, business owners, and much more. 

Notable Alumni-

  • Dr. Steven Siwek-New York Medical College, Mayo Clinic Residency,
    Founder of the Pain Center located in Arizona.
  • Rev. Bruce Hillman, Drew University, Masters of Sacred Theology, Minister
  • Attorney Jason Hillman, Quinnipiac University
  • Laura Madin Lyon- Harvard
  • Attorney Christopher Madin-UCONN Law School

Alumni Comments:  (please stay tuned for additions)

TCA is more than just an educational facility...it is a family. I attended a few different private schools along with being home-schooled during my school-years, and I finally attended TCA in my Junior and Senior year of high school and loved it. Coming out of other private school environments, I had something to compare TCA to and truly, I wished I had attended TCA sooner. I think the key thing about TCA that I will never forget is that the moment I stepped into TCA I felt loved.

This was both verbalized and displayed by the staff at the school which was pivotal in not only my success educationally but emotionally and spiritually as a teenager. Students are fragile and being molded all throughout their years in grade, middle and high school, and so with love and grace with firm direction being the aim that I saw in the goals of TCA's educational approach, I became a confident and successful adult. I will always thank TCA for their commitment to the whole person.

Michelle Guibert
TCA Class of 2008