Kindergarten / First Grade

1 Bible large print

1 full size backpack

1 normal size lunch box

Naptime Blanket (Kindergarten Only)

1 packs of unscented baby wipes

1 boxes of tissues

1 box of sandwich size Baggies

1 box of gallon size Baggies

24 #2 pencils if you could pre-sharpen these it's a blessing

1 box of colored pencils 1 box of colored markers

1 box of crayons

2 yellow highlighters

2 large erasers

1 pencil sharpener

1 non-bendable darkly printed ruler with inches and centimeters

2 plastic folders with pockets one for Daily folder and one for Travel Folder

2 Primary wide-ruled composition notebooks one for Bible and creative writing

1 package of wide ruled loose-leaf notebook paper

2 spiral notebooks

Second Grade

3 boxes of tissues

I package of napkins

2 boxes of wipes

1 plastic portfolio with dividers

1 plastic pocket folder

I durable ruler with centimeters and inches

24 count Crayola crayons

1  pack Crayola colored pencils

2  packs #2 pencils


2 Jumbo Glue Sticks

2 small, pen size, Dry Erase Markers

Third Grade

1 – 3-ring 2” Binder

1 pack wide-ruled Loose Leaf (binder) Paper

3 wide-ruled 1 subject notebooks

2 boxes #2 Pencils; if your child likes mechanical pencils, please buy the Papermate 1.3mm pencils (they are triangular in shape), plus extra lead. I have found these leads to break far less frequently than 0.7mm leads.

“chunk” erasers or pen-style retractable erasers

12” durable ruler

6” ruler

16 or 24 pack Crayola or other good-quality colored pencils

Pencil box, cup, or pouch

2 Highlighters (ink or gel)

Blank index cards (blank on 1 side ok)

Tissues: 2 large or 4 small boxes

2 - Plastic “expanding” document folders (without dividers)

3 – Plastic or heavy paper pocket folders

2 large glue sticks

1 fabric (10” – 11”) storage cube (our classroom will be blues, greens, and browns, if you’d like to co-ordinate)

Blank book, sketchbook, or similar for art (drawing paper)

*Helpful, but not required (especially helpful for children who need to move a lot):

-Inflatable “wobble” cushion; sold on Amazon starting at about $14. Also available in the fitness section of Target for about $18 (may also be called an “inflatable balance disc” or “stability cushion.”) -“Bouncy Bands” available in Amazon for about $14    OR    a 12” loop or regular resistance band (like those used for pilates); prices vary. Available at WalMart, Target, TJ Maxx, etc., and online.

Fourth Grade

1 Bible

1 Three ring binder

2  Sets of Loose leaf notebook paper for binder (college ruled)

2 Spiral bound notebook (college ruled)

2  Journals (college ruled) Dollar Store has cheap and attractive ones

4  Pocket folders

Whiteboard , dry erase markers and eraser for white board


5  Glue sticks

1  Box Colored pencils

2  Packs pencils sharpened #2

1 Box crayons

1 Ruler

2 Big erasers

3 Boxes Tissues

2 Boxes cleaning wipes

1 Soft zippered pencil case

1 Box Ziploc gallon bags

Multiplication and division cards (only if your child did not have them for last year)

2 Highlighters

Fifth Grade

5 packs filler paper


Dry erase board, markers, eraser

Storage box or pouch for upplies

Pencil cup


Index cards (lined on one side)

24 #2 pencils

1 durable plastic pocket folder

2 hole-punched pocket folders


1 pack colored pencils


Glue sticks

3 large or 4 small boxes tissues

3 - 1inch three ring binders

Durable 12" rule w/ inces 7 centimeters

Sixth-Eight Grades

A King James bible

Several Pocket folders

Five coil bound notebooks

#2 pencils

Yellow highlighter

1 pack colored pencils

Favorite picutre of you & family

Pens (black or blue)

Large eraser

Small cup=like pencil/pen holder

2 boxes tissues

Ninth-Twelfth Grades

General Supplies

Biles (King James and English Stand versions)

Pens (blue or black ink)


Ear buds or ear phone

3 ring binders (one for each taught class)

Hand sanitizer

Pencils & Erasers


Loose-leaf paper for binders

Pocket folders with prongs

3 box tissues

Math Classes

Alegebra I

Graphing calculator (Texaxs instruments 83 or 84)

Graph paper


Graphing calculator (Texas instruments 83 or 84)

Graph paper



Graphing calculator (Texas instruments 83 or higher)


Graph paper

Ruler with inches and centimeters

Spiral notebook

Social Studies classes


1 pack colored pencils

  US History

3 x 5 incex cards (several packs)

Language Classes

Spanish 1

Index cards

Spanish/English dictionary

Science Classes

Physical Science

1 pair safety goggles


1 park rubber cleaning golves 

1 pair safety goggles

Ruler w/inches & centimeters